Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s speech


Excerpt from Robert F Kennedy Jr´s  speech in Washington DC Jan 23rd 2022

Today, the mechanisms are being put in place that will make it so none of us can run and none of us can hide. Within five years, we’re going to see 415,000 low orbit satellites. Bill Gates says his 65,000 satellites alone will be able to look at every square inch of the planet 24 hours a day. 

They’re putting in 5G to harvest our data and control our behavior — digital currency that will allow them to punish us from a distance and cut off our food supply — vaccine passports

You have a series of rights. As flawed as our government is, you can still go out and go to a bar. You can go to a sporting event. You can get on a bus or an airplane and you can travel. You have certain freedoms. You can get educated, et cetera. 

The minute they hand you that vaccine passport, every right that you have is transformed into a privilege contingent upon your obedience to arbitrary government dictates. It will make you a slave. 

And what do we do about this? What do we do? We resist. I’m going to tell you three rules that you will all need to know and memorize. 

Number one, every power the government takes from us it will never relinquish voluntarily. They tell you we just want you to lock down for two weeks, just to flatten the curve in the hospitals. But then 20 months later, they still have us locked down. And even when they give up, when they close the lockdowns and let us go back to normal, they are not relinquishing the power to do it to you again and again and again. They now have power and they will never let it go until we make them let it go. 

Number two, every power they take from us, they will ultimately abuse to the maximum extent possible

Number three, nobody in the history of the planet has ever complied their way out of totalitarian control. Every coup, every capitulation is a signal to the oppressors to oppose new forms of torment or torture or compliance or obedience. Every time you comply, you get weaker. 

The hill that you’re going to die on is the hill that you’re on right now. 

And they’re coming for our children. And every time they push you back when you say yes because you think if I just do this, we can all return to normal. Every time they talk you and fool you,  bullies cannot be appeased. It just encourages them to new forms of torture and torment. 

Every time you say yes, you’re getting pushed back to a weaker position. That’s why we need to resist today. 

Link to speech: RFK, Jr.’s Historic Speech at Lincoln Memorial